Elevating Retail Excellence with AHT‘s Innovations

Elevating Retail Excellence with AHT‘s Innovations

Grupo RedeCompras stands as the premier supermarket and wholesaler chain in the rural expanse of Paraíba State, Brazil. With a remarkable legacy of 32 years, they currently operate seven stores, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence in retail.

In 2018, the fruitful collaboration between Grupo RedeCompras and AHT began, marking a pivotal moment for both entities. Grupo RedeCompras, driven by a resolute emphasis on energy efficiency and product quality, found a strategic partner in AHT Brazil.

The journey commenced with the acquisition of AHT’s PARIS chest freezers, a decision grounded in the compelling factors of energy consumption, layout flexibility, and impeccable build quality.

Buoyed by the success of their initial venture, Grupo RedeCompras extended their engagement with AHT, incorporating a range of innovative products. AHT Brazil executed a new project, installing MVP Split vertical coolers, MVP Full Plug-in LT units, and MONTREAL SLIM chest freezers.

_Year of Installation


_Installed System

_ MVP Plug-in LT
_ MVP Split

_Project requirements

Replacing an existing remote system
with energy efficient and high
quality full plug-in units.

Grupo RedeCompras opted for AHT units, driven by their notable energy efficiency and exceptional product quality.



This project marked a significant transition for Grupo RedeCompras, shifting from a traditional remote system to the advanced Full Plug-in units from AHT, thereby leveraging the manifold benefits inherent in this system.

In making this transition, Grupo RedeCompras is not merely focused on the immediate investment but is strategically considering the long-term advantages.


The decision reflects a thoughtful evaluation of enduring benefits such as reduced energy consumption and prolonged product lifespan, aligning seamlessly with Grupo RedeCompras’ commitment to sustainable and efficient retail practices.

This strategic collaboration continues to thrive, underlining the shared success and commitment to excellence between Grupo RedeCompras and AHT Brazil.