40 years AHT

40 years AHT

AHT can look back on a long and exciting history at its site in Rottenmann. Both the location and the business premisses have a historical background.

Rottenmann was already known as a mining town more than 1000 years ago. Its exposed location between the forest and iron ore-rich mountains and the wild waters of the Palten made it the ideal place for iron processing.

Over the centuries, the site has been steadily expanded and has developed into an important industrial location over the last 100 years.

Our history

For 40 years now, AHT, with its headquarters in Rottenmann in Upper Styria, has stood for quality at the highest level. With its green refrigerant R290 (propane gas), AHT became the pioneer of an entire industry. Innovative equipment and high flexibility ensure that the company is and remains a reliable partner for the entire food retail industry. This is why AHT has rightly become the world market leader in plug-in refrigeration and freezer units for the food retail industry.

16 April 1983 is considered the birthday of Austria Haustechnik, as AHT was still called at that time. On this day, the company was registered at the Commercial Court in Leoben as the successor to the Bauknecht company (producer of electrical household appliances). With focus on the production of commercial refrigerators and freezers, the new company is developing and growing.

In the very first year of its existence, AHT was able to set a major milestone for its customers. It came to develop glass lidded chests for frozen foods and ice cream. In 1986, this unique product was finally launched on the market and was immediately well received by customers.

On the pulse of time

From then on, one innovation followed the next. At the beginning of the 1990s, the minced meat chest was developed. After a long period of development work, AHT succeeded in implementing the maximum values specified by the meat hygiene regulations (upper temperature limit of +2 °C) in a single device. This was one of the most important steps for the development of future AHT products.

In the following years, AHT worked intensively and successfully on the development of new units. In addition, the first CFC-free units with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 (propane gas) were introduced to the market and used at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.

Internationally active

AHT subsequently expanded massively on the world market. In 2008, AHT opened its first international production facility in China in addition to its main plant in Austria. This was followed in 2014 by the plant in Brazil and finally in 2017 by the start-up of production in its own plant in the USA. In addition, nine sales companies worldwide take care of the well-being of customers on site.

In 2019, AHT became part of the Daikin family and can thus benefit from a large network and develop into a One Stop Solutions provider. In keeping with the spirit of the times, AHT has recently started offering CO2 units in its product portfolio.

World market leader out of passion

In the meantime, AHT has a market share of 64 % in Europe and 33 % worldwide in the ready-to-plug-in sector. Around 1500 employees all over the world ensure smooth production with top-quality appliances, fast and efficient service and thus the highest level of customer satisfaction. Around 5000 customers from large chains to small retailers speak for themselves. At a total of four locations, the company produces appliances that are always adapted to the respective market. AHT is now active in 115 countries. These are serviced by the company’s own subsidiaries and partners.

The company is using this anniversary as an opportunity to collect and publish the funniest, most exciting, and most informative stories from 40 years of AHT.

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