Think globally.
Act responsibly.

Talking about sustainability and responsibility is one thing. Actually living in this way is a challenge that we face every day – but with success, because the environmental protection we practice is reflected in our work and products as well as their constant further development. Thus, AHT is the only global player with a complete R290 range.

Think ahead

In a globalised world of permanent change, it is very important to us as an innovation leader to act in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. It is our task to set standards that next generations can build on, taking into account ecological aspects as well as the financial viability of our future.

Environmentally friendly with maximum performance

Sustainability and energy efficiency are the basis for developing, manufacturing and operating AHT systems. As an environmental pioneer, we have been leading the industry with our innovations for more than 15 years – and that as standard.

AHT-ECO refrigerating technology lets the climate breathe a sigh of relief with environmentally friendly propane. And also close to the equator, because, unlike conventional CO2 refrigerants, propane is also very effective here without any performance loss and also allows low refrigerant fill quantities.

Advantages of AHT systems for a better climate

  • Unlimited performance
  • Completely CFC and PFC-free
  • Protects the ozone layer and environment
  • Important contribution against global warming
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Global, technically unrestricted system performance
  • Primarily use of R290 and R600a natural refrigerants
  • Low refrigerant filling quantities in hermetic circuits

ECO Design Directive

The ECO Design Directive was created by the EU (supported by Directive 2009/125/EC) to drive the eco-friendly development of energy products and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This directive forms a framework for all cooling appliances with direct sales function. The most important environmental aspect to be considered in this directive is energy use in the use phase of cooling devices. Furthermore, direct emissions from cooling agents and the availability of spare parts are also taken into account. In order to determine an energy efficiency rating from A to G (as already in use for household appliances) will use fixed and standardised calculations and formulae to determine reference and limit values. All appliances that are brought onto the market in the EU must comply with these limit values and display an energy efficiency class. Through this, it should be clear to the user of the cooling appliance, which appliances are energy efficient and which are not. This should additionally lead to competition between manufacturers to bring more and more energy-efficient models onto the market.

All listed models can be viewed on the following link:

ESG & Q Report
August 2021

In a globalised world with permanent changes, it is very important to us as an innovation leader to act in a forward-looking and sustainable manner. It is our task to set standards upon which the next generations can build, taking ecological aspects into consideration as well as with regard to the ability to finance our future.
As we publish this ESG report, world events continue to be strongly influenced by the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). Especially during this time, and even under more challenging circumstances, it is important for us to uphold and adhere to our values. AHT became an official part of the Daikin Group in February 2019. As a proud member of the Daikin family, we are particularly committed to pursuing the company’s shared ESG goals and supporting them as best we can with our own initiatives.
This report provides a brief summary of current activities in the AHT Group that are be-ing carried out towards the common goals in the areas of the environment, social affairs, corporate governance and quality.

Increase in lighting efficiency
in production halls and offices

In addition to our products, at AHT we also pay attention to sustainability and efficiency in everyday business. We implement various projects to make a positive contribution.

In cooperation with Montan University Leoben and FH Joanneum Research Materials in Weiz, LED boosters from Styria are now replacing old lighting systems at AHT Cooling Systems. The LED booster is a specially developed lighting variant with efficient optical light control. Due to the special structure in combination with a new film technology, an optimal and flexible light cone adjustment with very good distribution and quality is achieved. In the interests of sustainability, all components can simply be exchanged or adapted without having to completely replace the entire lamp. By converting existing lighting in production halls and office buildings to innovative LED booster technology and LED device carriers, a total of 709,267 kWh/year can be saved. This results in a CO2 saving of 500,000kg/year. By increasing energy efficiency, the investment has high effects in terms of climate targets, which makes a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. You can find more information on IWB / EFRE at

AHT Worldwide

With our worldwide production, sales, service and R&D branches, we have a first-class network with which we offer the highest level of customer orientation.

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