AHT supports SOS Children’s Villages

AHT supports SOS Children's Villages

As part of our current Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we supporte the SOS Children’s Villages in Styria and Brazil.
AHT takes over a house sponsorship in Styria amounting to € 8,000 for the “Ulm House” of the SOS children’s residential group in Stübing. The SOS Children’s Villages receive around 2/3 of their funds from public funds. The rest has to be raised through donations and sponsorships.

“We are very pleased that we were able to partner with AHT, who will now support our children’s residential group “Haus Ulm” for one year,” says Mag. Mario Edler from SOS Children’s Village Styria.
“Social commitment is a matter of course for us as a company. It is a great pleasure for AHT to make a contribution to the children’s residential group “Haus Ulm” with our sponsorship”, explains AHT CEO Martin Krutz.
In addition, AHT will support the SOS Children’s Village at events with their “manpower”.

Due to our international orientation and our production site in Brazil, we have decided to support another SOS Children’s Village project. The “SOS Youth after alternative care” project aims to support 334 young people between the ages of 17 and 19 who are about to move out of the SOS Children’s Village. For them, this means that they will organize their lives themselves in the future, have to pay for their own living and should arrive professionally and socially in society. The project that has just been launched aims to prepare these young people for the new tasks and challenges over the next 18 months with the help of workshops and peer tutoring (method for learning support). At the same time, the employees of the SOS Children’s Village should attend further training courses and workshops so that they can better coordinate the planning of the move-out phase together with the young people. In addition, targeted networking and cooperation with other institutions and social organizations should be achieved in order to create an even larger and better support network.

Our commitment

AHT donates € 13,500 of the project costs and thus enables the implementation of the project. In addition, we aresponsoring five PARIS freezers to the SOS Children’s Village.
“The support from AHT is an enormous help for us, without this extremely generous donation the project could not have been implemented,” explains JOANNA SULTANUM CALAZANS from the SOS Children’s Village in Brazil.
“Due to our location in Brazil, we as the AHT family feel very connected to this region and want to take social responsibility here as well. It was therefore natural for us to support this important project,” says AHT CEO Martin Krutz.
AHT CEO Martin Krutz symbolically hands over the check to the Pedagogical Director of the Stübing Children’s Residential Group Simone Hinterecker, Larissa and Felicitas. Unfortunately, the personal delivery fell victim to the pandemic.