Attractive employer

Attractive employer

Another great honour has now been bestowed on AHT. The company received the Business Beat Award in the category People & Culture Company 2022.

Business Beat awards the most attractive employers every year. The award is given to companies that make a special contribution to the participation and satisfaction of their employees and are actively engaged in a positive employee experience.

Especially nowadays, it is very challenging to recruit new employees. A targeted use of HR measures, regular needs assessment and active involvement of employees are important in order to retain them in the company in the long term.

The award is intended to convey to applicants that the company is an excellent employer. This should also be presented and communicated to the outside world.

“Companies receive the Business Beat award because they really care about the participation and satisfaction of their employees. There is no greater appreciation than involving the team in decision-making processes across the hierarchy and regularly determining how employees are really doing,” says Business Beat CEO Andreas Hermann, explaining the award.

“We are very pleased about this award. The award is a confirmation of our efforts to become even more attractive as an employer,” Barbara Stauchner, Employer Branding & Recruiting at AHT.