Innovative SPI HYBRID System with R290 & CO2

In April 2024, a special project was implemented for AHT. In the downtown area of Hamburg, on the ground floor of a residential building, is Mr. Lade’s EDEKA market. Previously, a remote cooling and freezing system with F-gases was installed. Notably, the cooling unit is placed in front of the store between the sidewalk and the street, and two CO₂ cold room units are to be integrated into the SPI system. Due to the professional advice from AHT and the fact that AHT has already installed numerous SPI systems worldwide, the customer decided on the innovative SPI HYBRID system.

To avoid operating the CO₂ cold room units with an own compressor and gas cooler, AHT decided to use the SPI HYBRID system. A classic SPI system (Waterloop) is set up and all components are connected. The CO₂ cold room units are then directly connected to the SPI system via a heat exchanger box. This way, the waste heat from the CO₂ units is directly fed into the SPI system and dissipated via the external cooler. Thanks to this innovative solution, the CO₂ cooling room units could be integrated into the SPI system.

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_Active Monitoring System

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Installation of an energy efficient refrigeration and freezing system using natural refrigerants.

With AHT SPI HYBRID system, the CO2 refrigeration units can be integrated directly into the SPI system.



Due to the exposed location of the drycooler, the customer opted for a particularly quiet version, which was surrounded by plants. To best integrate into the urban environment, a green-painted waste heat unit was chosen.

The installation of the SPI system made it possible to dispense with an additional machinery room, leading to quieter operation.
Another highlight of this project is the use of the patented AHT SPI pump station. This modular construction can ideally be sized to the specifications of the system and guarantees optimal system operation. It also offers high energy efficiency and flexibility in installation.


Additionally, the Active Monitoring System (AMS) from AHT was installed. The AMS continuously collects data from the devices and provides it to AHT for device monitoring and directly to a dashboard for the customer. The provided data allows for early detection of potential deviations and prevention of product damage.

With this custom project, AHT Germany impressively demonstrated that customer-specific requirements, energy efficiency, and flexibility are among its core strengths.