Green Conversations

In the course of their industry tour through the Styrian companies, a delegation of “die Grünen” also stopped at AHT Cooling Systems in Rottenmann.

The club chairwoman of “die Grünen” Styria regional parliamentarian Sandra Krautwaschl and the deputy club chairman of the parliamentary club of “die Grünen” regional parliamentarian. Jakob Schwarz, met with AHT CEO Martin Krutz for a discussion. The aim was to get a picture of how the local companies and in this case AHT are doing through direct exchange.

What is the current situation for AHT? Where does the shoe pinch not only because of the current economic situation, but also with regard to the challenges of climate change. These and many other questions were discussed by LAbg. Krautwaschl and NRAbg. Schwarz in order to include them in the discussions in the federal government.

The informative and important exchange was followed by a tour of the AHT showroom.

LAbg. Sandra Krautwaschl and NRAbg. Jakob Schwarz: “We see industry and business as important allies for the transformation to a climate-neutral world, which is why an exchange of this kind is enormously valuable. During the joint talks, we were able to take away numerous suggestions for our political work in the sense of transformation. Thank you for the exciting impulses!”

AHT CEO Martin Krutz: “In my opinion, the intensive exchange with Ms. Krautwaschl and Mr. Schwarz was very inspiring and informative for both sides. I always find it important to talk to the decision-makers in our country to see where we can support each other and where there might still be a need for action.”

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