Innovation Meets Sustainability: AHT Cooling Systems Introduces CO₂ Variant of Proven VENTO multideck

Innovation meets Sustainability

AHT Cooling Systems Introduces CO₂ Variant of Proven VENTO multideck

Today, we are excited to share with you a groundbreaking development: the CO₂ version of our trusted VENTO multideck. Since its debut in 2016 ,VENTO has proven itself as a reliable solution for supermarkets and discount stores. Now, we are expanding our portfolio by incorporating the environmentally friendly CO₂ refrigerant into the VENTO multideck.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

The integration of CO₂ as a refrigerant is not just a step towards sustainability but also underscores our commitment to innovative solutions. The CO₂ variant of the VENTO multideck is compatible with all common CO₂ compressors and the advanced ZEAS unit from Daikin, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. The broad temperature range of VENTO allows for the cooling of a diverse range of products while maintaining consistent temperature control.

The proven reliability of the VENTO multideck, which has demonstrated its effectiveness in leading supermarkets and discount stores worldwide, is ensured through thorough tests of temperature stability and automatic defrosting, contributing to the quality assurance of refrigerated products.

Versatility and Accessories

With an impressive total display area and a wide range of variants and accessories, VENTO seamlessly adapts to all store formats – whether it be convenience or hypermarket. The CO₂ version also enables the efficient use of waste heat, for example, to heat business premises or support water heating. This not only makes the VENTO CO₂ system environmentally friendly but also exceptionally energy efficient.

Proven Technology for the Future

The CO₂ version of the VENTO multideck is not just an innovative addition to our product portfolio but also the continuation of a success story in the market. With approximately 100,000 VENTO units sold worldwide, AHT Cooling Systems remains true to its principles, offering high-quality, reliable, and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving demands of the retail industry.

AHT One Stop Solution

At AHT Cooling Systems, we are not just a product provider but a complete systemsolution provider for the entire refrigeration and freezing system. With a comprehensive product portfolio, we offer customers a seamless experience by providing everything under one roof. AHT takes care of the entire project planning, sales, installation, service, and maintenance, making it exceptionally convenient and pleasant for customers to have a single point of contact for all their refrigeration needs.

Leading the Way with Natural Refrigerants

AHT Cooling Systems sets industry standards by offering systems with natural refrigerants R290 and R744, already meeting the EU F-Gas Regulation. This proactive approach ensures that AHT systems are future-proof for customers. The comprehensive offering of AHT’s entire refrigeration and freezing system, known as AHT Plus, solidifies the commitment to providing customers with complete and sustainable solutions.

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