Product management at AHT Cooling Systems

Product management at AHT Cooling Systems

A key role for successful products
Product management plays a central role in the entire life cycle of a product, from conception and development to a successful market launch and beyond. At AHT Cooling Systems, product management has always been an essential part of the company’s success. This blogpost gives you an insight into the tasks that product management carries out at AHT and how it contributes to meeting the individual needs and demands of our customers.

_Development of the specification of new products
The heart of product management at AHT lies in the development of innovative products that meet the requirements of the market and the wishes of our customers. Here, it is crucial to precisely understand the needs and expectations of the target group and to incorporate them into product development. From brainstorming to the creation of detailed product specifications, product management works closely with research and development to create products that meet the highest quality standards.

_Support and adaptation of existing products
The life cycle of a product continues after market launch. On the contrary, product management also monitors and maintains existing products to ensure that they continuously meet current needs and trends. Continuous improvements and adjustments keep our products competitive.

_Market monitoring for optimal alignment
The world of refrigeration and freezing is dynamic and subject to constant change. Therefore, market observation plays a significant role in product management. It is essential to keep a close eye on the latest developments, technologies and trends in order to align our products in the best possible way to meet customer needs.

_Price analysis for competitive positioning
A successful pricing strategy is a decisive factor for the distribution of our products. Product management conducts detailed price analyses to ensure competitive positioning. Factors such as product characteristics, market situation and customer needs are taken into account to develop optimal pricing strategies.

_Supporting the sales team with technical questions
Our sales team is in direct contact with our customers and partners worldwide. In technical matters, product management is at their side to competently answer questions and ensure smooth cooperation. This close cooperation is crucial to meet the individual needs of each country and customer.
Product management at AHT Cooling Systems thus forms an interface between customers, research and development and sales. Through the close cooperation and expertise of our product managers, we are able to offer innovative, high-quality and customised solutions for our customers around the world. Our goal is to continuously enrich the global cooling and deep-freeze market with forward-looking products and to contribute to sustainability.

If you would like to learn more about our products and their development, our experts are at your disposal. Contact us and discover the many possibilities that AHT Cooling Systems offers you.