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Full- or Semi plug-in
BOREA is the latest development of AHT with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and modern, elegant design. It is available as full plug-in unit and as semi plug-in (SPI) unit which can be integrated into a waterloop (SPI System).

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Everything you need to know about AHT BOREA

Energy Efficiency

These new engineered vertical multideck units have a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and thus, effective cost savings for you. BOREA ranges in the EEI from B to E depending on the model and its equipment. Numerous innovations offer a great temperature area for various products and a stable temperature control. The total display was increased and matches common remote multidecks. Noteworthy is the fast and flexible installation and relocation of the units.

Heat Recovery

The waste heat generated by the SPI cabinet can be utilized for heating the storage area or other business sections. The included piping on the refrigeration shelf allows the waste heat to be directed to the external pump station and condenser. This eliminates the need for a separate machinery room, resulting in space and cost savings.

Environment & Climate

BOREA models operate with a hermetic and sealed cooling system, minimizing the risk of leakage. All units are approved at the highest safety level by VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies). Additionally, they use the environmentally safe and natural refrigerant propane (R290), making them particularly eco-friendly. R290 has one of the lowest GWP (global warming potentials) on the market.

BOREA Highlights


The brilliant LED lights are available as canopy lighting, vertical lighting, and shelf lighting depending on the model providing excellent product presentation. BOREA is available as open cabinet and with a variety of glass doors to further increase energy efficiency. Particularly noteworthy are the numerous customization options, including end glass walls, bumper design, interior fittings, and more. Compared to VENTO the total display area (TDA) of BOREA was increase by 6%.
BOREA is offered as full plug-in unit and as semi plug-in (SPI) unit to be installed in a waterloop system (SPI System). Different installation options ensure best possible integration for your market. Due to a new frame construction the units can be directly placed on the walls without any distance needed and can be connected to the existing building's condensate water drain. BOREA also offers various possibility of placing the price stripes.
All BOREA models are operating in the EEI (energy efficiency index) B to E. Models of a length of 2.500mm and more are using the multi-circuit technology (two cooling circuits) improving redundency and temperature stability in the unlikely case of a failure. BOREA with glass doors uses 40% less energy than its previous model VENTO Eco.
With our Active Monitoring System (AMS), we detect issues before you even notice them. The AMS is a crucial add-on to all AHT products, making store management and monitoring of AHT refrigeration units significantly easier for you. Our devices are also compatible with other systems, enhancing their versatility.

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Everything you need to know about AHT BOREA
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Meat & Fish
3S1* -1°C to +2°C

Dairy products, special temp.
3M0** -1°C to +4°C

Dairy products, colder
3M1 -1°C to +5°C

Dairy products
3M2 -1°C to +7°C

Chilled vegetables and fruits
3H1 +1°C to +10°C

* only with glass doors
** open cabinets only in special configurations


_optionally with end cabinet on both


User manual

The energy efficiency class information can be found in the European product database for energy labelling EPREL. For more information, please contact

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Compatible with AMS

Our Active Monitoring System (AMS) allows us to detect problems before you notice them. As an essential add-on to all AHT products, the AMS makes it much easier for you to manage and monitor the AHT cooling systems in your stores.

Individual Branding

BOREA can be individually adapted to the store design. A wide range of colors allows the best possible integration.


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