Welcome at AHT!

Welcome at AHT!

Anyone who starts a career at AHT can expect professional support and an intensive introduction to the company from day one. With the Welcome Session, new employees are introduced to the company.

As part of the onboarding process managed by the HR department, new colleagues are given the opportunity to take part in the welcome sessions.

These take place twice a year and are divided into different modules. It starts with a welcome module, followed by six monthly info sessions, which take place either on site or virtually.

As part of the welcome module, the new employees can not only make initial contacts with each other, but can also get a taste of the AHT air. AHT CEO Martin Krutz tells interesting facts about AHT and our parent company DAIKIN in a short keynote. Afterwards, Global Head of HR Karin Scasny will guide you through the morning in an interactive and varied way. The conclusion is a joint lunch, where you can review the morning together in a relaxed atmosphere.

The info sessions will start in the following month. Here the new colleagues learn everything worth knowing about individual AHT areas and departments. What are their tasks? What challenges do they have to face every day? You not only gain a lot of new impressions, but you can also get rid of all your questions.

If you would like to know more about the jobs at AHT or would like to apply – all information is available at: jobs.aht.at

HR employee Elena Grobbauer reports on her experience with the Welcome Session

How did the Welcome Session help you with your personal onboarding to the AHT?

It helped me to get to know the company and the departments better. You got a great insight into all departments (areas of work, responsibility, getting to know the faces behind them). This way you could immediately establish a connection to other colleagues from other departments. In my opinion, this immediately creates cross-departmental cohesion. It also made my entry into the company easier. It also made my work in my own department easier, because you understand certain connections better.

What did you find particularly helpful/exciting and why can you recommend the program?

Since cross-departmental work is important in my position, I found the welcome session particularly exciting to get to know the faces behind the names and to find out which areas of responsibility are behind them. Furthermore, I found it very good to make contact with other colleagues who have only recently been working in the company. This creates a very special personal level. I can only recommend the program to anyone who starts at AHT. You learn a lot and are picked up really well. This is the ideal way to get used to the new environment and the new job.

Global Head of General Affairs & Crisis Management; PA to the CEO Gabriele Hackl about her experiences as a manager with the Welcome Sessions

From your point of view as a manager, how helpful do you find the welcome session for the integration of new employees into the AHT?

In recent years, AHT has developed into a company of impressive size with well over 1000 employees at the Rottenmann site alone. For newcomers to the company, it may be challenging to get an overview of the specialist areas, departments, responsibilities and contact persons, especially in the early days at AHT. The Welcome Sessions therefore offer an excellent opportunity to obtain all the essential information that will make it easier for you to get started in a short time and in a compact form. In addition, however, I would like to encourage our new colleagues not to be afraid to ask questions to the team members in the departments or to the supervisor(s) at any time, even outside of the welcome sessions. They will certainly be happy to answer them and provide support give.

What are the advantages of presenting your own area at the info sessions for you as the area manager and why can you recommend the program?

Behind the term general affairs and crisis management and the tasks and focal points of my department there is a multitude of topics. Starting with the vehicle fleet and travel management to health promotion and group-wide approval processes. During the Welcome Session, these tasks can be clearly explained and my team members can be presented at least in pictures. Conversely, it is also a wonderful opportunity for me to see our new faces and to be able to identify them better.