Wing Yip

Wing Yip installs almost 200 units in one store

The UK-based supermarket chain Wing Yip has a total of five large supermarket and wholesale shops. The company specializes in oriental and Far Eastern foods and offers a wide range of fresh, frozen and non-refrigerated goods. AHT has now replaced all the freezers in all of Wing Yip’s shops.

Previously, the client had solutions that consisted of a mix of open and fully glazed units.

A total of 92 ATHEN LDHF and 80 KINLEY VRSP were installed in the company’s largest shop in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK.

The client was familiar with the AHT equipment and now wanted to use it in their shops as well, as they were convinced of the quality and efficiency of the products. Within 18 months, all the old units were replaced with AHT units in all Wing Yip Group shops.

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_Project requirements

Replacement of all units in all Wing Yip branches. All units are equipped with doors or glazing.

At Wing Yip's largest shop in Birmingham, a total of almost 200 units were installed.


Impressive project

The whole project is extremely impressive. AHT managed to replace the units in a very short time.

In addition, AHT offered the customer the possibility to set up a temporary deep-freeze operation with ATHEN units during the installation work.

This meant that the conversion could be carried out without any major disruptions to day-to-day business.