World Refrigeration Day 2022

World Refrigeration Day 2022: Why cooling matters

For the third time in a row, AHT and its parent company DAIKIN are supporting the World Refrigeration Day. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of  refrigeration technology and cold chain supply. The motto of June 26, 2022 is „Cooling Matters“.

But what happens if the refrigeration technology an the cold chains don´t work? These are especially important on sunny and hot days. You go to the supermarket you want to do your shopping of daily needs and maybe beyond. Suddenly you realize that it is as hot in the supermarket as it is outside, because the air condition does nit work. Bsaic food such as milk, chees and sausages are not available. Drinks are only sold unchilled. Even the ice cream fort he children is searched in vain.

This small thought experiment shows very well how little we consciously perceive refrigeration technology in our purchases. For us, this tehcnology is simply there as a central component of delivery codes, buildings etc. Only when everything stops working, do we realize how much this whole technology makes our lives easier.

The corona pandemic in particular has shown how impoertant it ist o have the right cooling and guaranteed cold chains. This year´s theme „Cooling Matters“ is therefore particularly suited to these challenging times. The role of cooling in everyday life is often underestimated. The use of state-of-the-art cooling technologies also contributes significantly to environmental protection and to preventing climate change. Equally, a safe cold chain supply is the pivotal factor in guaranteeing a safe and reliable supply of food and thus preventing food waste. But other everyday goods also depent on functioning cold chains. Thanks to the continuously expanded product portfolio in recent years, AHT and DAIKIN can offer an unrivalled range of products and services as well as flexible end-to-end solutions. With its Active Monitoring System (AMS), AHT also snsures continuous monitoring of all AHT and third-party fodd retail devices, which also contributes significantly tot he prevention of spoilage and loss of food. Thanks to its „green“ refrigerant R290 AHT already a pioneer in the field of green cooling years ago.

„For years, AHT has been setting standards for an entire industry with its innovations in refrigeration and deep-freezers. With our „green“ refrigerant, we took an important step towards reducing CO2 more than 15 years ago. In addition, propane (R290) has the lowest GWP of all refigerants on the market. With our new Active Monitoring System, weh ave developed a tool that allows our customers to monitor all their devices at a glance and thus prevent prevent food spoilage,“, said AHT CEO Martin Krutz.

Under the hashtags #coolingmatters and #WREFD22 everyone can join in celebrating World Refrigeration Day on June 26,2022, and become part of our global community conversations.

Why „Cooling Matters“:

  • Cold chains save lives
  • The waste of 475 million tonnes of food could be avoided with proper cooling
  • By 2050, humankind will need 60% more food

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