New in Our Range: BOREA – A Benchmark for Energy Efficiency

New in Our Range: BOREA – A Benchmark for Energy Efficiency

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest refrigeration multideck unit – BOREA. As the direct successor to our proven VENTO series, which set standards in quality and performance with over 120,000 units sold, BOREA takes a step further in terms of energy efficiency and design.

BOREA is distinguished by its high energy efficiency and is available as both a plug-in and semi plug-in unit. In the future, we plan to expand the series to include CO2 models, further strengthening our commitment to environmental protection. With a Total Display Area (TDA) increased by 6% compared to VENTO, BOREA offers more display space for your products while ensuring an elegant presentation thanks to brilliant LED lighting. Depending on the model, this lighting is available as canopy, vertical, or shelf lighting.

In addition to open versions, various models with glass doors are available, which further increase energy efficiency. The wide range of customization options, such as end glass walls, bumper design, or interior fittings, allows for perfect integration into any market. Thanks to a new frame construction, the units can be placed directly against walls and connected to the building’s existing condensate water drainage system. BOREA also offers various options for placing price tags.

The core of BOREA models is a hermetically sealed cooling system that minimizes the risk of leaks. All units are tested to the highest safety standards by VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) and use the environmentally friendly refrigerant propane (R290), which has one of the lowest global warming potentials on the market.

With Energy Efficiency Indexes (EEI) from B to E and multi-circuit technology for larger models, BOREA guarantees energy efficiency, redundancy, and temperature stability. Models with glass doors consume 40% less energy than the previous model, VENTO Eco. Especially in warmer areas, BOREA’s SPI variant offers unparalleled temperature stability at higher ambient temperatures and product safety – a decisive advantage for your fresh produce display.

BOREA is not just an investment in the future of your company, but also a commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious action. Discover now how BOREA can revolutionize your product presentation while simultaneously reducing your operational costs.

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